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Video,"The Sankofa bird of Healing, Bridge of Light.”Honoring 170 Lost Souls of 1818

The Sankofa Bird.wmv from Humanity Memorial Inc. on Vimeo.

Inspired by poem “We cannot go forward until we go back.” "The Sankofa bird of Healing, Bridge of Light.”. Inspired by the powerful symbols from the poem. “We knit, stitch and crochet a bridge of light across the chasm. Close the gap of the cursed gate of no return.” ----How to Remember Constellations. Glenis Redmond "(Poem), Humanity Memorial Inc. Team(Art). turn "The Sankofa bird turn her head to past, is the beautiful work of a community refuse to forget,The Sankofa Bird of Healing and returning, is an iconic symbol everyone can relate to, represents the need to reflect on the past, the meaning for building this important Lost Soul memorial, to remember the voices and magnitude of the 170 lost souls, for healing and a better future, The vibrant colors attract people from distance and draw them into the memorial.

PhotoStorychin Monumument.wmv from Humanity Memorial Inc. on Vimeo.


Sustainable copper as Statue of Liberty, Best for our environment, The Pioneering Spirit Series

Sustainable Copper as Statue of Liberty, Best Choice for Our Environment from Humanity Memorial Inc. on Vimeo.

Humanity Memorial Inc.Team Promotes Humanity, Peace and Unity through Art

 World renowned Thornton Tomasetti: Our collaboration with the excellent structural engineers Scott Lomax and Dennis Poon from the most trusted structure designing and engineering firm Thornton Tomasetti.   Dennis Poon,is the structural design principle of some of the tallest Landmark such as the 632m tall Shanghai Tower in Shanghai.(Top 25 Newsmakers in 2010). Their special structure projects includes important landmark,public art, museum installation and monuments.
Dynamic Video: Innovative Structural Designing and Engineering
Our team Structural/Kinetic Engineering profile. Anything you image can be built and saftey assured.(Records includes Shanghai Tower, The World second tallest tower, 2,073 Feet.)."our record of success means we’re well-equipped to see your structure through from initial design to grand opening.---Thornton Tomasetti". Awards,National Award Winner -$15 Million to $75 Million.                                                                                                                                                     Click on image to play Video:

US National Award winning sculptor Ai Qiu Hopen from Humanity Memorial Inc. on Vimeo.


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